Kern´s Polled Top Genetik

Our farm is located on the heights of the Westerwald. Despite 
the harsh climate here, the Limousin settled quickly. 

Our Limousin breed was created in 1990 with the purchase of a small number selected pedigree founded. 

In intensive breeding work, in particular by using the latest 
Breeding methods, such as semen use and embryo transfer, became the basis of
the dairy herd. 

Our main focus is on the typical breed characteristics Limousin cattle to maintain and improve. This is the basis for continuous figures show and auction results since1992.

To work points the way forward, we started in 1995 intensively with the issue of genetically hornless breed. With increased use of sperm and Bulls from Canada and the U.S. the polled breeding became a rapid progress in our enterprise. 

By Sunday ET Pp, father of the Bundessieger Silverbird Pp, were 
first show success in this specialized area of discipline achieved. 

90 percent of today's
300 cattle herd are already inherited
hornless, partly in the third generation.